The Skowhegan History House, now in its eighty-fourth season, is pleased to announce that we are once again OPEN!  Our hours are 10 am – 2 pm, Tuesday through Thursday, through September 29th.  We ask that you please make a reservation beforehand and wear a mask while indoors.

The History House also offers online resources, research support, and outdoor exhibits throughout the season including:  local, historical, and genealogical research support available via email and telephone.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we enforce our pandemic-related guidelines, policies and procedures. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in supporting History House and hope you will have the opportunity to visit this season for a tour, attend one or more of our programs, and follow our Native Peoples Lecture series to begin in the fall.  As the Corona virus continues to impact Maine, the United States and the world, the History House is doing its part to help everyone stay safe.

To make a reservation or for more information, please call the Skowhegan History House at 207-474-6632 or email curator@skowheganhistoryhouse.org